4 Reasons BAY BANDS

can help with BACK-TO-SCHOOL

 There are so many things to make sure to remember for back-to-school, sometimes it’s easy to forget a thing or two…like BAY BANDS.
Although, Headbands may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of back-to-school essentials, they can be a game changer when it comes to kiddos focusing in school throughout the day.
As a former kindergarten teacher, I would see kids daily dealing with hair in their face & constantly pushing it back. When you think about it, the majority of the day students are leaning over completing schoolwork, having their head down reading a book, painting, arts & crafts, playing during playground/PE and then there is always LUNCH time.
Bay Bands are an easy and CUUUTTEE way to keep your student's hair out of their face to ensure they get the most out of their day.


  • Bay Bands are GREAT for both kids and adults as they are one size fits all. TEACHERS… don’t forget to snag yours TOO!
  • 4 in wide, single layer design is sure to keep all the flyway’s out of students faces as well as stay in place without having to adjust it all day.
  • Moisture wicking material will help keep your cutie pie cool while they are outdoors. Don't sweat the small stuff with moisture-wicking fabric | A Moment of Science - Indiana Public Media
  • Design choices for EVERYONE from dolphins, mermaids, sharks, dogs, hamburgers, pirates and MORE


Over the next couple of weeks as you are shopping for the notebooks, pencils, folders WITH the pockets & prongs, lol
Make sure you add a Bay Band or MORE to that list and send your kiddo off for a successful school year!



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