About Bay Bands

Just a wife & boy mama x3 from Florida who loves headbands, working out, beach days, cocktails and a good motivational quote.

Bay Bands began as an idea in 2020, when I decided to take some time off from teaching over the last 10 years to stay home with our three young boys.

While working off the baby weight in our garage (is there any other way with 3 boys?), I became addicted to headbands. This Florida heat is no joke- I bought them ALL!

The problem I ran into was all the bands either slipped off or gave me a headache…except for the single layer bands! I quickly realized that there were not as many options for single layer bands as there were double layer. When I did find a band I liked, it either rolled up on the edges or it was super expensive $$$!

Enter Crazy Idea… What if I started my own headband company while I’m at home?

I knew NOTHING about starting a small business or sewing -so this seemed like a logical idea to take on. lol.

My mom spent months teaching me about different fabrics, sewing machines and how to sew. And then of course my BFF’s Google & YouTube taught me all the business stuff.

After what seemed like forever…I created a band that was functional, lightweight, stays put and affordable- Bay Bands

I love to pick designs that you can’t find at stores. Bands that STAND out & STAY put!

My boys and I wear Bay Bands not because I make them but because they work for our lifestyle: workouts, beach days & little league sports.

I am GRATETFUL that I have found a group of women who not only love Bay Bands but support my dream!