From the Beach to the Gym: Transitioning Your Look With Versatile Headbands

From the Beach to the Gym: Transitioning Your Look With Versatile Headbands

Woman wearing a headband on the beach

The origins of the modern-day headband actually date back centuries. However, today, they have evolved into a versatile fashion accessory that allows you to go from place to place and look your best all day long. Our buttery-soft headbands at Bay Bands can effectively get you through your day, transitioning throughout your activities to ensure you look amazing. Read on to learn some tips on how to transition your headband look throughout your day:


Beach Bands

While visiting the beach or spending time on a boat or at the lake or pool, it’s important to keep your hair out of your face. Bay Bands has several looks that fit the bill, including a cute gold shells headband, or even our purple dolphin’s headband. Of course, there are also our palms options that simply scream salt life. Wear these here, there and everywhere when enjoying the water and sand. Some of these looks transition well from oceanside to other locations, while others look best in salty air and cool ocean breezes.

 Visiting The Gym 

When working out, it’s common to find yourself sweating and working out. This means you want all your hair up and off your neck. Thankfully, you can choose from a variety of band options to create a look that communicates a message or one that shows off your favorite sport. You can even match your workout clothing with fun-colored bands or patterned bands that will make your gym look pop. You can easily transition these bands from the gym to going out with friends as well, because they are stylish enough to pull off both purposes.

Out and About

If you find yourself asking if it’s appropriate to wear a headband to events, venues, or activities that don’t involve working out or the water, the short answer is yes! Most certainly, it’s okay, as we at Bay Bands offer a variety of looks that work well for occasions outside those mentioned. For example, our floral collection could be worn to work, to the store or even to dinner and fit in nicely with a variety of looks and also fit in at the gym or on the beach. Thankfully, wearing these headbands can prevent you from having to wash your hair after a workout if you are going from one location to the next!

Choosing The Right Headband for You

When selecting the right type of headband to transition from place to place, it’s helpful to have a variety of options to change into. After all, getting sweaty at the gym will often mean you need to change out your headband to go to another event, and washing your hair isn’t always possible, so having another headband on hand can help you transition much easier. Twist headbands offer a variety of interest that can seem a bit dressier for occasions outside the gym or the pool (although they work there too). These pre-twisted options are ideal if you struggle to keep your headband in place. You also want a headband that will hold your hair securely, no matter how active you are being or how strong the wind! Thankfully, all the headbands sold by Bay Bands work well and can be worn throughout the day or changed out after certain activities in order to keep your hair covered, off of your face, and your look on point.